Collaboration technology
essentials for IT leaders

What if you could combine your company’s online meeting solution with your team collaboration tools to improve communications technology management and, as a result, increase business productivity? It could support the many ways your virtual teams operate and connect disparate solutions to help people move work forward.

A unified communications solution could provide a flexible platform that grows and adapts to meet the changing needs of the business. Whatever choice you make, select a platform that delivers all of these five essential features to optimize your collaboration solution: security, scalability, manageability, mobility, and single-platform simplicity.


Seamless communication that adapts to how we work makes it easy to forget we’re not all in the same room—and that others may be listening in. Make sure your communications solution incorporates and enforces enterprise-grade and mobile-optimized security and compliance, even on personal devices.

Nearly 40% of organizations have online team meetings that involve financial data.

One-third have web meetings that involve private customer/patient information.


Choose a video conferencing solution that supports your growth with flexible subscription and deployment options. The right choice helps employees and outside partners keep innovating, producing, and staying ahead of the competition with easy connection to fellow team members, messaging, and workflows.

82% of organizations are changing policies and IT infrastructure to support the growing numbers and kinds of personal devices.


Reduce IT costs and boost IT efficiency with a single-pane-of-glass administration and alignment with your content management policies. Implement a meeting solution with the performance, reliability, and ease of deployment necessary to help ensure adoption organization-wide.

Teams are “going rogue.” 79% use their own file-sharing and collaboration tools—fewer than 49% with IT approval.


Teams pull together—even when they’re located far apart—when you enable them to connect in real time using their own devices. Bring collaboration to physical and virtual work spaces with a video-first meeting experience that provides everyone a common view and links to existing workflows.

By 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce.


Reduce technology redundancy while raising the bar on communication quality with a unified communications solution. Automate tasks and keep the user’s focus on the work at hand while providing a single platform of tools for video meetings, calling, messaging, and file sharing.

About 57% of information workers use online meeting tools, but these point solutions can be problematic.